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Famtravel is a community for parents wishing to share tips about travelling with children. Ever spent a day in new city with kids who are getting tired of sightseeing and need a break at a playground? Or wondered how to find a child-friendly restaurant that offers more than nuggets and fries for the younger customers? Would be also really nice to know where is the closest public restroom that is actually clean enough for a child to use, right?

It's all about sharing, so please reveal your secrets about the best activities, restaurants, playgrounds and of course the indispensable restrooms. Also general tips about the cities are very welcome. Would be greate if you wrote a review when you like (or dislike) something that you find in Famtravel. Your feedback will be appreciated by other parents!

Famtravel is a new service and we would be happy to hear your feedback and ideas. Please contact us at info@famtravel.eu.

Thank you!